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Vengeance of an Evil Man

Oswald Bardolf is minding his own business when a prominent politician blackmails him, but not for money. This politician wants mayhem: the kind that will undermine opposition and lever him into the World Presidency.

Bardolf is the wrong man to blackmail. Not only has he been framed, he has the resources to fight back. Although appearing to submit, his mind is set on vengeance and he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

This absorbing story probes the lengths to which ordinary and extraordinary people will go in pursuit of their desires. Not surprisingly, many characters are flawed, some dangerously corrupt.

02 Spine Vengeance of an Evil Man Robert

Obsession, lust, greed and an all consuming hunger for revenge are the dominant forces in this compelling thriller. The result is an intricate and fast-moving story that challenges you at every twist.