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Vengeance of an Evil Man

This absorbing story explores power and vengeance. It probes the lengths to which ordinary and extraordinary people will go in pursuit of their desires.

Not surprisingly, most characters are flawed, some dangerously corrupt. Only a precious few display true compassion and selflessness.

Jealousy, lust, greed, egomania and an all consuming hunger for revenge are the dominant forces in this compelling thriller – and there are victims.

Some victims might be considered innocent; many more allow themselves to be blinded by the obsessions of the more powerful. And they pay the price. Mercy is in short supply.

02 Spine Vengeance of an Evil Man Robert

The result is an intricate and fast-moving story with a complex plot that challenges you to work out where it’s going next. Duplicity is the norm and no motive can be trusted.

It starts when a powerful politician blackmails an enigmatic businessman. The politician wants revenge yet he opens himself to a whirlwind.


 Only one man can survive