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Vengeance of an Evil Man

Political conspiracy kidnapping and terrorism


Wealthy Oswald Bardolf is blackmailed for a crime he didn’t commit.

The blackmailer is Chancellor Lundetto, a prominent but corrupt politician. He doesn’t want money. He wants mayhem - terrorism - the kind that will undermine opposition and lever him into the World Presidency.

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Oswald Bardolf is minding his own business when Lundetto makes his blackmail move. Although compelled to submit, he is very far from being a victim.


As the reclusive head of a criminal empire, vengeance is his default reaction. He doesn’t care who gets hurt, yet he is content to play along until he’s ready to pounce.

Lundetto thinks he’s chosen the right man to blackmail, but also knows he has powerful enemies. First among them is the serving World President. His diplomatically veiled obsession is to keep Lundetto out of the top job, and he too doesn’t care who gets hurt.

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A multi-headed conspiracy is born, but it’s blind man’s bluff with the highest possible stakes.


This absorbing story probes the lengths to which ordinary and extraordinary people will go in pursuit of their desires. Vigilante justice spawns kidnapping, torture and murder, but there can only be one victor. Assassination awaits the loser.


Obsession, lust, greed and a consuming hunger for vengeance drive this compelling and hard-boiled thriller. The result is an intricate and fast-moving story that challenges at every twist.

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