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A Christian in Crisis

Family life thriller


A CHRISTIAN IN CRISIS is an inspirational family life thriller that shows God’s determination to bring redemption despite staggering odds.

Three life-threatening crises strike Samantha’s family in a single day. As her world collapses, can she confront her past and find salvation?

More about the story

Samantha is a new Christian and in crisis.

She believes her friend to be an insightful mentor.

She’s wrong. Her friend’s ideas are misguided and corrosive.

This doesn’t help Samantha’s failing marriage or her toxic relationship with her teenage daughter.

Family tensions are hurtling towards breaking point.

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Just one day changes everything.


Three dramatic crises drive Samantha to the brink.

They also face her daughter with the toughest decision of her life.


More than one miracle is needed.

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