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7½ Short Stories




Ace Pratt and Skylark’s Surprise

Ace feels broken after his failed suicide but Skylark’s surprise changes his life for ever.

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Why would anyone tip a bag of real diamonds into the sea?

Promise of Death

Derek has promised to cut out Rosalind’s treacherous heart but he’s in a secure psychiatric hospital, isn’t he?

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Miss Baker's Chat

Will Miss Baker see things Spencer’s way or will her chat end in carnage?

The Door

Just what every lady wants for her birthday: an ancient door with no hinges. What!

Tangled Web

Bill unjustly accuses Sandra of having an affair but just who ends up dead?

The Responsible Citizen

With vile accusations flying, someone has to step in – enter the responsible citizen.

Why an extra ½?

We all like a little extra and this extra comes with a bonus. You get to decide how the last story ends.

The Night Before Christmas

It’s exactly one year since Emily’s husband left her and, once again, it's the night before Christmas. But this time it's different. She's faced with a choice – and it’s not an easy one!

Read her story and go for what you want to happen. Wonder what you’ll decide.

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