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Robert Turvil

Bio: Author Robert D Turvil


Robert writes from his home in southern England and feels that reading should be like riding a roller-coaster, but with a blindfold so you can't see what's coming.

He tempts his readers with unusual takes on life and rolls in much of the bizarre baggage that goes with it. He also presents challenges, not only in weaving absorbing stories with multiple twists and turns, but also in addressing the core instincts that make us human.

His writing style and originality have been widely praised and, as one professional reviewer put it: ‘There can be little argument that Robert Turvil is an exceptionally talented writer who really knows how to spin a tale.’


Another reviewer said of his work: ‘A first-rate story from beginning to end, peopled with a cast of wonderfully quirky and entirely unpredictable characters, and it's the kind of book that stays with you long after the reading's done.’

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